Refund Policy

If you have any further information feel free to contact our award winning team at

In making sure you enjoy our product to the least, we are surely offering you a consistent assistance as our team is more reliant on your success.

But by all these you didn’t find the product work as we explain, feel free to reach us for a 100% no complain refund. You must have tried our product for at least three to four weeks and it is not accepting at least 1 of 4 social media accounts (facebook, instagram, linked, and twitter)  before initiating refunds.

We reserve all rights to investigate why you asked for refund and will make sure you used our product and see why it failed to add at least one social account or deliver posts before you get a refund.

We reserve the rights to edit, modify or change entirely this terms of refund to serve our customers efficiently.

Thanks and Stay Blessed.